Roof Renovation

Why choose to renovate an old roof?

Through time with our Scottish weather, the tile surface will break down becoming porous.

This acts like a sponge, retaining water and encouraging the growth of moss, Green mould and lichens. The retaining moisture will increase load to the roof trusses and leaking to inside walls will cause dampness in most cases.

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Complete Roof Care can restore your roof and walls back to the vibrant colours that were so appealing.

With the original walls and tiles, we can re-seal them against the elements with an advanced polymer system which will not only re-seal your porous roof tiles and walls but will also transform the appearance and add value to your property.

This cost effective solution can save you time and money compared to stripping off old tiles and fitting a new roof.

Climate experts agree that concrete production is one of the most energy intensive and environmentally harmful of human activities. By treating your old roof you are in effect re-cycling your old tiles and reducing the demand for new concrete.

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